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Spotlight on Women Business Owners: Jill Armijo, Savor Your Life

Caring for Caregivers

Jill Armijo has been a physical therapist assistant for almost 30 years. About 5 years ago she found herself in a wheelchair, overweight, arthritic and unable to bear any weight on one of her feet at all. Her physical condition was a result of not taking care of herself emotionally. She had devoted all her time and energy to working, taking care of her children, and being the primary caregiver to her husband, who is unable to work due to physical and mental illness. She decided to find a job she could do sitting down because of her physical restrictions, so she went to health coach school and learned how to be a health coach. It was at this school that she learned to lose weight, got rid of her arthritis and got back out of the wheelchair. She now runs miles, does Yoga, and lifts weights for exercise, without any pain.Read More

Starting a Business from Scratch During COVID-19

Have you noticed lots of new small-scale businesses popping up since quarantine began? We noticed that trend, too. So we spoke to three brand new business owners about what it’s like to start a business during quarantine, and how they logistically get it all done.

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Spotlight on Women Business Owners: Holly Snow Canada

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Grantsville Woman Business Owner Awarded Wendy J. English Grant For Growth

Grantsville Woman Business Owner Awarded Wendy J. English Grant For Growth

SALT LAKE CITY (May 27, 2020) – Today, during the fifth annual Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference (WEC) $21,250 in grants were announced with the top, Wendy J. English Grant For Growth of $5,000 awarded to Kathy Anderson, owner of Little Apple’s Child Care Center in Granstville.  Read More

Here’s How You Can Work on Your Business and Yourself Right Now

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The Federal Government Stimulus Package and How It Will Benefit Small Business

The times of the coronavirus pose immediate threats to the small business world. Given the economic gravity of this situation and the outstanding backlash the virus will have on the small business sector, the government has approved its largest stimulus package to date. As a part of the $2 trillion dollar stimulus package (CARES Act), over $350 billion dollars has been designated by congress to small businesses. As a small business owner, here is what you need to know:Read More

Responding Positively to Current Events

Examining Your Goals

Necessity, as the mother of invention, brought the world Jacuzzis, the printing press and waffle cones. Pressure cooker situations brought out the best in entrepreneurs (and brought us the Crockpot brand as well).  A father needed to find solutions for his infant son suffering from arthritis. That father, Endido Enzo Jacuzzi, designed the first whirlpool bathtub. At another time, following the decimation of Europe at the hands of the Black Plague, a craftsmith designed the framework of a printing press. Mass print launched Europe into the Renaissance. And over 300 years later, at the 1893 Chicago World Fair, an ice cream stand ran out of cups to serve his product. A neighboring crepe maker thus rolled the first waffle cone and pioneered a classic treat.Read More

Spotlight on Women Business Owners: Stacie Van Tassell, Wanderlust Cowgirl Coffee

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Spotlight on Women Business Owners: Amber Murray

See Your Strength

See Your Strength is a business that promotes love, hope, encouragement, self-compassion, and teaches people how to access those feelings within themselves. Acknowledging our feelings and talking to ourselves with compassion can be one of the hardest skills to learn. They accomplish this mission through positive message mirror decals, hope walls, and suicide prevention resources. Amber Murray, the founder and owner, is primarily focused on schools but is planning to expand her business through new products and different mental health tools to serve a wider market in the near future.  Read More

Spotlight on Women Business Owners: Raysha Carrasco, Monsieur Crepes

Take a Chance

Raysha Carrasco always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to start a business. When she came to Utah in 2015, she worked at hotels, using her hospitality degree. But she wanted to start something of her own. Her husband comes from France, and has always loved cooking. She noticed there were no creperies in town, and saw her opening. They began Monsieur Crepes with just the two of them, catering weddings, baby showers, and corporate events and then opening a food truck. By the summer, they needed to hire employees.

Becoming a business owner was a tough decision for both Raysha and her husband. It meant leaving their stable jobs. She says that even when you know your product or idea is good, you still feel insecure. If you get too bogged down in that feeling, you may never start. Raysha’s advice is this: if you can take the chance, you just live one life. It’s amazing how good you feel about what you do, what you have built, and what people think about your business.Read More


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