Examining Your Goals

Necessity, as the mother of invention, brought the world Jacuzzis, the printing press and waffle cones. Pressure cooker situations brought out the best in entrepreneurs (and brought us the Crockpot brand as well).  A father needed to find solutions for his infant son suffering from arthritis. That father, Endido Enzo Jacuzzi, designed the first whirlpool bathtub. At another time, following the decimation of Europe at the hands of the Black Plague, a craftsmith designed the framework of a printing press. Mass print launched Europe into the Renaissance. And over 300 years later, at the 1893 Chicago World Fair, an ice cream stand ran out of cups to serve his product. A neighboring crepe maker thus rolled the first waffle cone and pioneered a classic treat.

Society depends on the inventors and entrepreneurs behind every day small businesses to pioneer culture and communities forward. Illness, disease, and scarcity are commonplace. Entrepreneurs design the way forward. In times of need when communities come together to share creativity, resources, and support, small businesses can still flourish.  

Not to make light of the current situation. Utah, along with the rest of the nation, is in a scramble. Social distancing has restructured the educational, consumer and economic landscapes. As a small business owner that probably provides directly to consumers, this is terrifying. Remember the invention of the ice cream cone? There is more than one way to provide your product or service. 

Now is the time to examine goals, as well as plans and processes to achieve those goals. This business landscape is an opportunity to learn to diversify target markets, test marketing strategies and build a brand platform. Begin by taking an assessment of the business, business landscape and market. Next look at business goals for the next three months, six months and year. With this to-do list, assess the business plan again on whether or not you can reach those goals.

Ask Yourself

  • Where are we? 
  • Where do we want to go? 
  • What changes need to be made? 
  • How should changes be made? 
  • How should progress be measured? 

If you do not know the answer to the last two or three questions, that is okay. Reach out to your staff, community and business resources. In the coming weeks and months, you will learn to answer and solve for those questions. 

The staff at the Women’s Business Center of Utah, in collaboration with Utah’s great small business community, is here to listen and provide the resources our women-owned small businesses need to successfully navigate the crisis. 

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WBCUtah will host a live video brainstorming session with women small business owners to discuss plans, challenges and resource as the country recalibrates to social distancing.
Thursday, March 19, 12PM (more sessions to come)
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WBCUtah- Southern speaks with Danny Stewart from Cedar City Economic Development and Chris McCormick from the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce