Camping and Coffee

Holly Snow Canada and her husband Spenser started their business, Superbloom Coffee Roasters, a year ago.  They roast specialty coffee in the Santa Clara area of southern Utah.  They also use their business to benefit the local environment, public lands and their community.  For Holly and Spencer, coffee has been a part of their relationship from the beginning.  On their third date Spencer made the most delicious cup of coffee that Holly had ever had.  She said, “It was unlike any coffee she had ever tasted.”  Since then coffee has been an integral part of their relationship. When they travel, they always stop at coffee shops and spend quality time together.  Camping is another activity they enjoy together.  An important part of their camping routine is waking up to a good cup of coffee and enjoying time together, taking in the scenery and slowing down and living in the present. 

They moved to southern Utah after growing accustomed to easily accessible specialty coffee, and they missed that aspect of their old life.  This planted the seed for starting their own business.  Holly and Spencer realized that they could turn this idea into a business and give back to their community at the same time.  They thought at the very least they would create something they enjoy and hopefully other people would too. 

Registering as a Benefit LLC

Holly says, “The biggest hurdle was having enough confidence to make the initial financial investment in the roasting machine.  Acquiring the roasting machine was challenging as well.” The roasting machine they had their eye on was in short supply. “We sat at the computer when they released the new one and we were one of the lucky few that was able to purchase this particular coffee roasting machine.”  

Superbloom Coffee Roasters sustainably source all their coffee beans, and they roast to highlight the sweetness and unique qualities of each coffee bean.  The roasting process brings out the aroma and flavors of coffee beans of different regions.  

Superbloom Coffee Roasters is an established Benefit LLC.  This means they do more than just sell coffee for profit, they also focus on people and the planet.  This is considered a triple bottom line:  people, planet and profit.  Their company wants to give back to the community and emphasizes public lands.  They want to show people how to be an advocate and a steward of all the trails and public lands that are unique to the southern Utah area.  Holly says,“we want to use our business as a vehicle to achieve this.”

Be Patient and Kind

Holly is a client of the Women’s Business Center of Utah and  this year she was one of the 24 quarter finalists for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference grant competition.  When we spoke to her before the competition, she said, “It will be a good learning opportunity for me to practice talking about my business, and learn a bunch from other women, those that are new business owners, and those who have been in the entrepreneurial world for a long time.”  Ultimately she did not win top prize, but she was hoping to use the money to rent a commercial kitchen, buy larger quantities of coffee beans, and brewing equipment so she would brew ahead of time and take it to the Farmers’ Market and events. 

Holly’s advice for starting a business is, “If you have the privilege of time, slow down and start slowly, take advantage of that time.  Be patient and kind to yourself in the beginning knowing that what you create is going to last a long time and it’s important to follow your values.”  While Holly knows that financial support would allow them to expand their business, the intangible things are important too, like gaining confidence in building a business.  She says general knowledge and resources about how the entrepreneurial world works are invaluable.  She feels the WBCUtah is a great resource and is looking forward to continuing to use our resources in the future. 

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