In today’s hectic world, it can be very challenging to keep your passion and energy as an entrepreneur.  Business owners are being bombarded with daily task, challenges and strains on relationships that can lead one to lose focus and therefore, their passion in their own dream.  Over the many years of my own entrepreneurial endeavors and coaching hundreds of clients through their own crazy journey, the following are some ways to assist you in staying on track and enjoying every piece of your dream.

  1. Calendar your life!!!! And for the love of all that is holy, build in white space. White space is sacred time to just enjoy a cup of coffee, sit outside and listen to the birds or spend time with family and friends.  Sacrificing this time to all business activities will kill your enthusiasm.  Another tip: Answer phone calls and emails in the afternoon.  The first 2-3 hours of the day are the most important.
  2. Exercise and eat consistently well. Metabolism is huge to your success as a human being, let alone as an entrepreneur.  Feeding your brain and working out the crap will assist you in letting go of what doesn’t serve you.
  3. Choose different locations to work. Mix it up.  If a coffee shop is in order for the day, then do it.  You having variety is critical to your success and to rejuvenating the parts of your brain that need difference.
  4. Mirror Neurons: experiment smiling at as many people as you can in a day. The result of what comes back to you will change your day and your life.
  5. When you can financial afford to remove yourself, then do it! This is the biggest key to your businesses success.  Your longevity and influence on others is dependent on your time and what you focus on.  So hiring that personal assistant, general manager or employee to take over things that bog you down is crucial to your livelihood.

Remember, your dream is a marathon and not a sprint.  True success is a result of your happiness.  Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and mentors that have this down.  They will be a breath of fresh air

Deb Bilbao