Kiva Microloan Program

Loans that change lives.

Vanessa Ramirez, Owner, Connexion Utah

As a Kiva program Hub and Trustee, WBCUtah is helping open access to capital to better empower women and minorities to develop and grow small businesses. 

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How Kiva Works

Kiva is a non-profit that hosts a global crowdfunding platform where potential borrowers can explain their business dreams and lenders can supply funding. Through crowdfunding, microloans are made available based on an individual’s character, rather than credit. 

Fund your dream, change your life.

0% interest loans for U.S. entrepreneurs
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  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Registered US business (LLC, S-Corp or B-Corp)
  • No outstanding debt
  • Up to $15,000
  • Up to 36 month terms
  • 6 month grace period available
  • Step 1
    – Create a Kiva account at

    – Complete your application

    Helpful tips:

    – A great picture
    – Social media presence
    – Clear business story
    – Friends and family to back you up

  • Step 2 [1-15 Days]
    – Private Fundraising Period
    – Gather [10-25] friends and family to invest as little as $25 or more.

  • Step 3 [1-30 Days]
    – Public Fundraising Period
    – Your application goes live!
    – Supported by 1.5 million lenders from Kiva community

  • Step 4
    – Funds Disbursed
    – Repayment starts a month after you receive the loan

Thanks to Kiva, in May 2015, I was able to purchase equipment so my team could be more efficient. Having more than one vacuum cleaner enabled us to be in multiple places at a time. We’ve since grown tremendously! We’re now a team of 10 and have expanded to offer construction final cleans.

Karen Denton
CEO, KSC Enterprises LLC


What is

Kiva is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit fueled by passionate people. The organizaiton was founded in 2005 and is currently headquartered in San Francisco, California. Kiva also hosts offices in Bangkok, Nairobi, Portland.

What does Kiva do?

Kiva is a platform for loans, not donations. The platform enables lenders to support entrepreneurs in their community or all over the world. The crowdlending model is how Kiva is able to meet a diverse array of microfinance needs because a loan can be made to a wide variety of business models through it’s flexible lending terms at a low cost to the borrower. Kiva does this by crowdfunding loans and unlocking capital for the underserved, improving the quality and cost of financial services, and addressing the underlying barriers to financial access around the world. Through Kiva, women can start businesses, entrepreneurs are able to invest in equipment and communities can fund enterprises like a community garden.

How is Women's Business Center of Utah affiliated with Kiva?

The Women’s Business Center of Utah is a Trustee and Hub for the Kiva microloan program. As a Kiva trustee, WBCUtah serves as a borrower point of contact and endorses borrower application on the Kiva platform, increasing applicant success. As a Hub, the WBCUtah engages and supports community partners around Utah who would also benefit from the microloan resource.

How do I apply for a loan?

Contact WBCUtah’s Capital Assest Manager to get a Kiva referral link. With the link, a borrower can begin a Kiva Application. The application takes 15 to 20 minutes and the borrower will like their information, business plan, intention for the loans and credit score. Once the application is submitted, the Kiva team reviews the borrower’s profile- including social media presence, small biography and will do a soft pull on the borrower’s credit. Please note- a credit score is never a disqualifying factor when applying for a Kiva loan! It is part of a great process that is vetting for honest borrowers. Once an application is approved by the Kiva team, the borrower will enter the Private Fundraising Period.

Who can apply for a loan?

Anyone with a U.S.-based business, who is over 18, has no delinquit debt and is making a social impact can apply for a loan.

What are the qualifications to get a Kiva microloan?

There are four qualifications required to submit an application for a Kiva loan. A borrower must:

1. Be at least eighteen years old.
2. Be applying for a loan for a registered U.S. business
3. Have no deliquent or outstanding debt
4. Have a credible business plan

What kind of microloans are avaliable through Kiva?

Microloans for small business are available up to $10,000 at 0% interest with no fees. These affordable loans are made possible through a partnership with Paypal.

What is a loan?

A loan- in this case a sum of money- is a sum that is borrowed with explicit expectation that is will be paid back or returned. Often times loans are paid back with interest, meaning the borrower ends up paying more money to the lender than was borrowed.

What is a microloan?

A microloan is small sum of money lent at zero to no interest to help a new business start or grow. A microloan is a resource within the world of microfinance. Microfinance encompasses financial services- such as loans or insurance- designed for entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals who lack access to traditional banking services.

How long can I take a Kiva microloan out for?

Through the Kiva platform, microloan repayment timeline is dependent on how much money the borrower recieves. Loans can be repaid in as little as 6 months or up to 36 months.

What does 0% Interest mean?

A Kiva microloan is repaid with 0% interest. This means the borrower repays the exact amount of money they initially borrowed.

How does this benefit a borrower in the long-run?

A strong indicator of a small business success is early financing. Being able to access the capital ladder enables an entrepreneurs chances of success in business and improving their financial security in the long-run.

Who can qualifty for a Kiva loan?

Anybody with a U.S. registered business that is over 18 can qualify for a loan- whether they are running an established business or a start-up. There are no minimum credit, assest or financial qualifications required.

What happens when a borrower finishes repaying a loan?

A borrower who re-pays their loan in full and on-time is then qualified to apply for another, larger loan on the Kiva platform.

Do Kiva loans or repayments impact my credit?

Repaying a Kiva loan on time does impact business credit. Making loan repayments on time helps a borrower grow their business credit.

How many times are you allowed to apply for a Kiva loan?

You are allowed to apply for a Kiva loan as many times as you want although you may only have one loan campaign live

How can I make sure I will be able to pay back my loan on time?

Work with your local Kiva Trustee- The Women’s Business Center of Utah- to develop a financial plan ahead of time. A financial plans are a roadmap for how a borrower will begin repaying the loan within 30 days of recieving funds. Borrowers are also advised to set their monthly loan repayment on auto-pay so they do not accidentlly miss a statement.

Why did Women's Business Center of Utah become a Kiva Trustee?

The Women’s Business Center of Utah’s mission is to help Utah women build confidence, create opportunities, and experience success in business ownership. WBCUtah takes the “create oppotunities” portion of the mission statement seriously. By partnering with Kiva as a trustee, WBCUtah can now offer clients the opportunity to access the capital ladder and better experience success in entrepreneurship.

How do I become a WBCUtah client?

Sign-up for a free client profile anytime at

How much are WBCUtah services and resouces?

We offer one-on-one business advising for free! We also offer low-cost trainings, visit our calendar to see what is coming up.

Who at the Women's Business Center can answer my questions or help me apply for a Kiva Microloan?

The Women’s Business Center of Utah has a Capital Assest Manager on staff who is also a part of the Kiva team. The Capital Asset Manager can answer any and all questions about Kiva Loans, the application process or general questions about Kiva. Please send inquiries to


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