Ann Marie put me in touch with Pam Juliano, who has been involved heavily in public service around the State of Utah. One of her past positions even included being a coordinator over 11 VISTA sites! I was excited to meet with her because VISTA service is something she wholeheartedly believes in. We met in the strategy room and got straight to work! She told me about her work history and service background and I shared my current project outline with her. She was so knowledgeable about rural areas of Utah and gave me some very useful advice and feedback on my current plan of action. I was so impressed with her understanding of the specific areas we will be implementing our new programs.  We ended our conversation with talking about my background and future plans. She was so supportive and gave me advice for the graduate program I’m applying to this year.  It’s such a blessing to rub shoulders with people who inspire you to do great things!

Malissa Richardson