If you’re ready to pick a name for your business, then make sure you don’t fall in love with one that will break your bank!

Oh, what’s in a name? If a rose was known by any other name would it smell as sweet?

Well, actually, no. I am a business owner and, like many other small business owners, I had this idea for a business. Before I even had a plan or money, I had a name: Artique Hair Creations

Can you guess my business? It was shortened from “Artist Boutique of Hair Creations.” Even as I write it, I cringe but, at the time, I was in love with it.  However, by listening to great advice from those who know, I learned a few valuable things about what’s in a name.

Clear Meaning

First, the name should give clear explanation of what the business does, for example ‘Franks’ could be a restaurant or a dry cleaners. ‘Franks Auto’ is more precise and will give him more sales for his advertising dollars.

Branding and Cost

Second, think about your branding and the cost of signage. A clear, to-the-point name will cost less on a lighted sign and be easier to read. Pink may be your favorite color but red or white will be seen from across the street. Less wordy names will catch the eye of passers by better than ones that are difficult to read or pronounce.

Have you ever passed those lighted restaurant  signs that are written in cursive and thought, “What did that say?” You don’t want that to be your business.

Artique Hair Designs was close to my heart, but “Hair Love Wigs” said I was a salon that cares, (and does wigs).

In short: Keep it clear, keep it clean, let them know what you do, and make some green!

Cindy Johnson
Facebook:  Hair Love Salon

Cindy Johnson is the owner of Hair Love Wigs and Salon in Salt Lake City. She has four children, and a big kid for a husband. She is currently serving as a Board Member for the Women’s Business Center.