See Your Strength

See Your Strength is a business that promotes love, hope, encouragement, self-compassion, and teaches people how to access those feelings within themselves. Acknowledging our feelings and talking to ourselves with compassion can be one of the hardest skills to learn. They accomplish this mission through positive message mirror decals, hope walls, and suicide prevention resources. Amber Murray, the founder and owner, is primarily focused on schools but is planning to expand her business through new products and different mental health tools to serve a wider market in the near future.  

Amber has been an entrepreneur her whole life and has owned numerous businesses.  Even as a young child she was selling cinnamon toothpicks on the school bus to her classmates. Amber created See Your Strength at a particularly hard time in her life.  She was very anxious, depressed and suicidal. It was during this bleak period of her life that she started to write positive messages to herself on her mirror with a bar of soap. When she would see these words of encouragement to herself, along with the image of her physical presence, she couldn’t help but read them. This would stop the negative voice in her head and it would cause a shift within her. Sometimes the shift was only for a few seconds, but other times it lasted a day or more.  Through that shift in her mindset she realized there was power in what she was saying to herself in the mirror.

During this time in her life she was working at the DOVE Center, a non-profit domestic violence center, in St. George, UT. For her job, she was going to schools and teaching about healthy relationships and how to set boundaries. She learned that a lot of these kids were feeling the same things she was: anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts. “These kids were having the same types of ‘negative chatters’ within themselves that I was having.”  So she thought, “How can I take what helped me so much and be conscious and aware of what I’m saying and share it with these kids?” From this Amber developed the idea and concept for positive message mirror decals.

Just Start It

When she started, Amber’s biggest challenge was sourcing the right material and getting the product right.  It took trial and error to figure out which material would easily adhere to and just as easily removed from glass surfaces.  It was a process to find the right product, sizing, and figuring out what was marketable to sell.  She tried many different things and asked for feedback from consumers of her products.

She believes the most important lesson any entrepreneur needs to learn when starting a new business is, “Just start it.”  In the beginning, she was making the decals in her home. She didn’t have professional branding or packaging. Amber made a black and white logo on her computer and typed up an insert to put with the mirror decals.  She says, “It was very rudimentary, but I showed up at schools handing out my decals, proud of what I was doing because I believed in the mission. If I’d waited until it was ‘perfect’, I don’t think I would have ever gotten there.”  Just start with whatever you have. If the market wants what you’re doing, they will overlook the imperfections.

Giving Back

See Your Strength sets itself apart with its educational focus. Amber created a give-back program where she donates 20% of all her positive message decal sales to schools. 100% of her suicide prevention packets are donated to schools that have recently lost a student to suicide.  There are 137 schools that have received See Your Strength’s suicide prevention packages valued at $150 each. In addition to the decals, See Your Strength also provides schools with activities and printable materials.  She offers free resources and value to the schools outside of the product because she believes in the lessons, resources and most importantly the mission.

Amber would love to be mentored by people who have reached that next level. She wants to learn what to look for from an entrepreneur that took a $100,000 company and made it into a million-dollar company.  At this point she feels she can help those who are just starting out or have that dream in their heart of entrepreneurship. When thinking about mentoring or helping someone at that level her best advice would be, “The key is execution. Before you start the business take an inventory of yourself, ask yourself if you are the type of person who executes things.  If the answer is yes, then run towards it as fast as you can.”  

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