Visit The Stockist Instagram page and you will see faces of local entrepreneurs all over. Owner Helen Wade began highlighting business owners when she was looking for new Instagram models. Victoria from Proletariat Barber volunteered to model some of her clothes. She got such positive feedback she decided to make it a regular addition to her social media. She highlights businesses she loves and uses, ones that she wants to see succeed.

Helen says she has made more friends in the last nine years than she has in all her previous time in Salt Lake. She feels very supported by her local business community. One of the most rewarding aspects of owning her business is simply being able to open the door every day.

She wishes she had a crystal ball that told her how to please everyone. For now, she sticks to an aesthetic of wardrobe staples. She learns from what works and what doesn’t during the last season and then reevaluates.

Helen and her brother Ian opened the boutique that would become The Stockist nine years ago under the name Fresh. They worked in the winter sports industry together for years and wanted to open a store, but they weren’t originally sure whether to stay in snow or pivot to fashion. Ultimately they decided to open a men’s and women’s boutique featuring local designers and sharing local art. They spent their first three years as business owners figuring out where exactly they wanted the business to go. At that point, Ian moved from Salt Lake to New York City and Helen moved the shop across the street, quadrupled its size, and renamed it The Stockist.

Helen used the resources at SCORE when she began the process of opening her business. She wrote up a business plan and spoke to friends who were entrepreneurs. She had a lot of passion, and she expected to work seven days a week. It was a lot of work, but for her it was worth it. Her daughter grew up in the store. She is so comfortable there she even visits when her mom is out of town. Their newest employee is their adorable dog, Louie.

She shares this advice for women thinking of starting a business:

Just go for it. It’s tough. It’s really hard. But if you are confident, just do it.

Find Helen at The Stockist, 875 E 900 S, Salt Lake City, 84105 or

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