On the Move

Jennifer Davis is practically a household name in the Iron County Area. She is an Associate Broker with ERA Realty Center in Cedar City. She has sold Real Estate for over 25 years in Southern Utah. In that time she has been named Iron County Board of Realtors Top Producer, and ERA Realty Centers Top Producer for several years consecutively. Jennifer has been honored as Cedar City’s Woman of the Year, and has ranked in the Top 25 Realtors nationally with ERA for the past 15 years with most of those years being ranked in the Top 5.

As a child, Jennifer moved a lot; at times as often as every year. Because of the constant moving, she became interested in stability and getting people a place where they could raise their families, have a yard and enjoy home ownership without the constant moving around. This desire made it very natural for her to pursue a career in real estate.

Jennifer moved to Cedar City to attend Southern Utah University. She signed up for marketing classes and a real estate class. To her dismay, the real estate class was discontinued. This put her dreams on hold for a few years. In the meantime, she honed the skills she would need to later be a successful real estate agent. First, there was work at a television station doing advertisements that broadcasted in Hawaii. This job gave her marketing, advertising, and phone skills. She then began telemarketing at Convergys (formerly known as Matrix Marketing). A few years later she was working as an assistant manager at Maurices, a clothing store, when a colleague’s husband, a real estate broker, approached her about selling real estate. She obtained her real estate license and embarked on a dream she had since high school.

Hitting the Street

Jennifer has been a real estate agent for twenty-five years. She began her career with Century 21 and has been with ERA for the past seventeen years. Jennifer’s biggest challenge at the beginning was that she was young and looked young for her age. People had trouble trusting someone so young to help them with one of the biggest investments of their lives. She was not a Cedar City native so she didn’t know a lot of people in the tight-knit community. Jennifer quickly learned she had to stick to her strengths and what she knew. She made phone calls and knocked on many doors. She hit the streets and would work until she had enough appointments for the next business day.

Jennifer says, looking back, she wouldn’t have done anything differently. “Everything I have done, I have learned from. I wouldn’t give back my mistakes, fragile moments, or my vulnerability, because if used properly, they can propel you to greater things. You have to fail a ton of times in order to succeed.” Her other advice is, “Never look at a customer as a paycheck.” This applies not only in real estate but in the business world in general. As Jennifer puts it, “Always look at your customer as a person with needs, values, and goals and then keep their best interests in mind, not your own.” She believes that if you remember this you will succeed in business.

Look at the Market

Jennifer believes she stands apart in her business because she cares. She cares about where her customers are going in life and what their needs are, listening to them and being genuinely concerned for them is also key. From the beginning she set up her business to run as a team with talented people to help her in areas where she has weaknesses, this allows her to magnify her strengths. Sometimes she receives criticism of this approach, but it is what makes her successful.

Jennifer’s offers this advice to women contemplating starting a business: ask these questions, “Who is your market, who are you targeting, and why are you targeting them and is there enough of these people to sell to?” She believes you can apply this to any business whether it be service or product based. “Don’t assume that if you build it, then clients or customers will come. That is not a good approach.” Before starting a business, look at the market, look at the needs of your target audience, and the cost involved. Then save up a minimum of 3-6 months of income before you get started. Never cut back on your advertising or marketing budget and always stay relevant with your marketing.

Despite all the awards and recognition, Jennifer remains loyal to her clients and considers them her friends.  She says the biggest reward is when a client goes on her website or social media and leaves a five-star review.  “That’s way better than any trophy.”  

To find out more about Jennifer Davis ERA Realty Center and view her listings you can visit: https://www.buyincedar.com/

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