A Mother & Daughter Business is Born

Judy and Geana Schachet are approaching a big milestone this May, one year in business.  Judy and Geana are co-owners of the business A Touch of Country Nails in Cedar City. The pair are originally from Las Vegas, Nevada but they had always wanted to live in Utah.  About nine years ago Judy was laid off from a good paying government job and she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next, so she took a couple of years off to think about it and she moved to Utah. Her daughter Geana was a dog groomer and she was impressed with how she had been able to build such a loyal following of clientele.  Judy figured if Geana could do it with dogs, then surely people would be easy too.

Judy decided to go to nail school and become a nail technician and eventually got her instructors license.  About a year later Geana decided she had burned out on dog grooming and wanted to try something new, so she followed in her mother’s footsteps and went to nail school.  They both went to work together at a nail salon owned by someone else. During this time they learned a lot of lessons about what to do and what not to do in running a business.  They developed a loyal list of clients and started to dream.

Judy and Geana spent five years dreaming about how things could be if they owned their own business and what it would be like if they were the bosses instead of the employees.  They talked to a lot of people and got their opinions. They had a bunch of support and encouragement from family members as well. Then finally, as Judy puts it, they “decided to take a leap of faith and just do it.”

“Pardon Our Dust” Pedicures

On May 2, 2018 they opened their doors to clients.  Judy and Geana went from their old job to opening their own business within five days.  This created its own set of problems, but going without income for longer was not financially feasible.  The biggest challenge in the beginning was that they didn’t have enough employees to handle their clients and lacked product and materials.  They were also still painting, remodeling and setting up shop. Thankfully they had built a clientele that was understanding of this process.  Judy and Geana joked that they gave “pardon our dust pedicures” for the first month.

The mother and daughter pair agreed that the hardest part of business ownership is the extra workload you don’t think of when you work for someone else. They quickly learned that owning your own business means you do everything from mopping the floors, to having clean towels folded and ready, to dusting, ordering product and figuring out how you will track your daily sales. In order to get it all done, you have to come in early and stay late.  Judy said it is important to get a team of people to help you with the things you can’t do or don’t have time to do. She is very fortunate to have her sister Brenda as their accountant. Judy believes this is invaluable because you need someone you trust handling your money and paying your bills.

A Family Atmosphere

When asked how their nail salon was unique or different, Geana replied, “we listen to our customers and what they want and need and we are always flexible.”  Judy says they want their business to have a family atmosphere with a homey friendly feel so that when you come and have a service done you feel like you are coming to visit with friends.  It’s not hard to create that family atmosphere since Judy and Geana are the owners and their employees are Judy’s son Sam and his girlfriend Cheryl. This makes for a unique family nail salon.  

Judy says that opening their own business is the best decision they’ve ever made and in unison mother and daughter replied, “no regrets.”  Judy’s advice to women wanting to go out on their own: “you just have to do it, take that plunge or leap of faith or you will forever wish and regret that you didn’t do it.”  She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to always keep dreaming and follow through with those dreams.

Check out their wonderful artwork and nail designs on Facebook. You can visit their salon in Cedar City at 919 Main Street.