Take a Chance

Raysha Carrasco always had an entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to start a business. When she came to Utah in 2015, she worked at hotels, using her hospitality degree. But she wanted to start something of her own. Her husband comes from France, and has always loved cooking. She noticed there were no creperies in town, and saw her opening. They began Monsieur Crepes with just the two of them, catering weddings, baby showers, and corporate events and then opening a food truck. By the summer, they needed to hire employees.

Becoming a business owner was a tough decision for both Raysha and her husband. It meant leaving their stable jobs. She says that even when you know your product or idea is good, you still feel insecure. If you get too bogged down in that feeling, you may never start. Raysha’s advice is this: if you can take the chance, you just live one life. It’s amazing how good you feel about what you do, what you have built, and what people think about your business.

Look for Support

Working with a partner has its challenges. Raysha and her husband deal with their different working styles by each sticking to a different part of the business. He is in charge of the food and day-to-day operations in the kitchen, and she handles the business management from customers, to payroll, to finding catering gigs and posting on social media.

In 2018 when they opened their brick and mortar Monsieur Crepes location, she noticed that the number of customers wasn’t increasing the way she had anticipated. She started looking for groups for business support. She was surprised to find all of the free resources that had been available to her all along. 

She learned about Utah Microloan Fund and received a loan from them to help with her new brick and mortar. She began attending their free classes for business owners and learned about the Women’s Business Center of Utah. She has been so grateful to our Business Advisor Clancy, who has always been so interested in her business. She appreciates how Clancy has been able to connect her with the right people and resources.

Make Your Own Decisions

Raysha’s favorite thing about being a business owner is that she gets to make her own decisions. She feels like she is trying her best every single day because it is her project and she has ownership of it. It’s challenging but it is also incredibly rewarding.

You can find Monsieur Crepes at their creperie, 1617 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, on Instagram, Facebook, and catering events around the Salt Lake area.

If you would like to become a client of the Women’s Business Center of Utah just like Raysha, please fill out a New Client Profile and you’ll be able to set up a one-on-one consultation with our Business Advisor.