Finding Out What You Don’t Want

The Wizz is a truly eclectic little shop.  Sally Hunter has run this unique store for the last twenty-nine years in Cedar City.  She opened the doors in 1990 and she prides herself on sticking to her brand which means thinking outside the box.  Her store sells a mix of quirky, unusual, cool and unique items. The Wizz sells everything from lamps and decorations to clothing, jewelry, costumes and much more.  There is no one thing that defines her business and this makes it unique from any other business in town. This uniqueness is what sets her apart. She likes the unusual and is a very creative, open and fun person by nature.  Sally says, “it’s not just what I sell, but it’s the feel that brings people back.”

Sally didn’t start out as an entrepreneur.  She went to college and earned her degree in secondary education and then went on to teach music.   Her dream was to become a performer and the thing she valued the most was her freedom and independence.  Sally decided she needed something more so she went into sales. She worked at BMW of Murray, managed a Foxmore’s in the mall and sold home improvements at Sears.  After spending a few years working in sales for other people, her entrepreneurial spirit began calling to her and she decided she wanted something more. Sally puts it this way, “It’s sad but sometimes what you find out in life is what you don’t want.”

It Runs in the Family

She decided to move back to Cedar City since her family was there and her family had a long tradition of owning and running businesses around town.  She wanted to do something where she could express herself, use her talents and be her own boss. This would give her the independence and freedom to do what she loved on the side, and that was performing.  Although she had the support of her family she had other obstacles to overcome in pursuing her dream. Back in 1990 there was still a stigma about women owning a business, especially in a small town and with the unique nature of what she wanted her store to portray  and sell. Through this process she said one of the biggest things she has learned is to believe in herself more and she realized she knows much more than she gave herself credit for. It took her awhile to build this confidence level and to see her own worth.

Sally is constantly working to improve herself, her store, and her brand.  She is currently taking online classes to get her master’s degree in Marketing.  Some advice she would give to people starting out in business, especially retail, is to keep your overhead as low as possible and do your research.  She said going to school is not enough to run a successful business, “You need to be an adaptable person because things will not go as planned, there is a balance between knowing what you’re doing and realizing that just because that’s what you want to do doesn’t mean it will work.  “You have to value your independence over money.”

Engaging with Customers

Above all else, Sally loves what she does. She loves her customers and enjoys engaging with them.  Years ago her friends told her she should just “hang out” and visit for a living. She feels like this is a huge part of her business and what keeps people coming back.  

You can get a feel for The Wizz’s unique gifts, clothing, decorations, jewelry and more at their Facebook page  or on Instagram @thewizzstore.