Start with an Idea

Staci Jackman is the owner of Never Lost Earrings based in Hurricane, Utah. Never Lost Earrings is an online home-based business that has created amazing jewelry boxes, trays, and organizers to display earrings and other jewelry. Staci developed the unique foam concept, which is the only and best concept out there, making her products memorable treasures. 

We asked Staci to tell us about her incredible story of how she came up with this unique product idea and how she made it into a thriving business. Here is her story:

I have three beautiful daughters. When they were young and starting their teenage years, we had a huge collection of earrings that spread from their bedrooms to all over the house. It was frustrating for me because I love to have things in order. Everything has its place in my home.

 (I claim to be slightly OCD, clean too) LOL

I was frustrated when it came to their earrings. It seemed like we were constantly looking for matching earrings or the backs to earrings. We tried different jewelry boxes. The little compartment ones didn’t work because the earrings got all mixed up, and it took time to find the pairs. The wire stands didn’t work because they were too complicated, and they looked messy, so my girls wouldn’t use them. Instead, their earrings ended up loose on top of the dresser or fell on the floor, and I would step on them.

Does this sound familiar to you? I have always had an entrepreneurial mind. I love to create and make new things, so I decided to come up with a solution. I wanted to create a jewelry box, stand, or a type of earring holder that worked. With just a few resources, I made an acrylic jewelry stand. The girls and I liked it. Then I gave it to my friends to test out, and they loved it. It gave me the confidence to open my Etsy store in 2013.

One of the reasons people love my jewelry boxes is because of the unique foam I use. It is an industrial-grade type foam that will last for years. Earrings are inserted with the backs on so they stay put and organized. And unlike other systems, they last for many years.

Sales have been steady since, and my orders double every year. I’ve sold over 11,500 jewelry boxes. It’s been an exciting ride. Learning how to sell a product and create my own business has its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade it all because I love everything I do. Never Lost Earrings is on its way to becoming a big brand, and I can’t wait to be the #1 Jewelry Organizer found in stores across the world.

Staci Jackman

Keep At It

Staci has applied for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference grant competition for two years in a row. She didn’t make it in 2020, but she didn’t give up and applied again in 2021. She made it to the quarterfinals and is thrilled to be chosen this year. Staci feels the timing is right for her company. She has experienced tremendous growth. Her sales have almost tripled since last year, and she is now facing the problem of trying to keep up with demand. Over 20% of her customers are returning customers. They are buying gifts or trying to find another organizer to use for their growing jewelry collection. If Staci wins, she plans to use the grant money to purchase equipment to make production faster and expand her workspace. She would also like to hire another person to make organizers and fulfill orders.

To find out more about Staci’s business and the Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference:
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