The Reluctant Entrepreneur

I was not born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Creative and occasionally adventurous, sure, but not entrepreneurial. Money was always tight growing up so the thought of owning my own business and the potential loss of capital if it went under terrified me. I thought I would be content to work for someone else and follow my creative pursuits as purely hobbies.

I was wrong.

After a month working for the Women’s Business Center, I’d been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and saw my artistic abilities in a new light. I started to pay attention when my friends told me they’d pay for my artwork or would love to see my sketches on a t-shirt. I realized I didn’t have to wait until I was old and gray and had nothing better to do before I started trying to publish a children’s book or sell a painting.

With that realization, I started paying more attention during WBC trainings. After helping set up for and attending our Jump Start training several times, I learned that not every entrepreneur is the same but there are some important traits that can help even a non-entrepreneur succeed in business ownership:

  • Sound Planning
  • Creativity
  • Hard Work

I have a firm belief that anyone can develop these traits. My artistic background has taught me that creativity is just as much a learned skill as hard work and sound planning. I started drawing a sketch every day back in January 2015 and it was really hard at first. I would spend hours trying to thinking of something to draw but, the more I did it, the easier it got and ideas started flowing a lot easier. The same it true of working hard and planning effectively. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it.

And so I’ve decided to give this entrepreneur-thing a try. I will be going through the WBC’s new online training, Build Your Dream Company and will keep you posted on my progress every week. I highly encourage you to sign up for the course, too, and follow along!

See you next week!

Valkyrie Johnson