What’s My Why?

In the second module of the Build Your Dream Company course, I was presented with a question. What’s my why? Why do I want to go into business? What’s my purpose? I’ve spent the last week or so trying to pinpoint exactly why I want to start a business, especially when I don’t consider myself an entrepreneur, and it’s been difficult to express.

Luckily, I am surrounded by amazing women who also happen to be business owners. I asked fellow WBC team members Deb Bilbao, Deborah Marzano, and Ann Marie Wallace what motivated them to start a business and here’s what I learned:

“I have always started my businesses for the same reasons. If I am passionate about something, and I know that I can’t go another day without bringing it to the world, then I am on the right track. Following my heart has always been the way for me.” – Deb

“For me it was the need to have a place/space for my own creativity, to be conceptualized and executed in my own way and according to my metrics.” – Deborah

“I found a need and thought I could be the one to address it in a unique and fun way.” – Ann Marie

Each one of them had a different reason for becoming entrepreneurs. Hearing their reasons helped me think more clearly about my own. I want to start a business as an illustrator because I want to make people happy with my drawings and also have an avenue where I can express my creativity. Is that enough of a purpose to help me get through any hard times ahead? It is if I believe in it strongly enough. Like it says in the course, “if you really believe in what you are doing, it is much easier to find the strength to first survive and then thrive.”

So, what’s your why? I’d love to hear what it is!

Valkyrie Johnson